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Steven Shaeffer Landed a Spot on Madden 2024’s Soundtrack With “Man Down”

Man Down

Budding producer Steven Shaeffer has collaborated with countless gifted producers and artists throughout his career, resulting not only in chart-topping tracks but also securing him a spot on the Xbox Madden NFL 2024 soundtrack. “Man Down” performed by ARDN and produced by Steven Shaeffer, has been selected for this year's iconic roster.

Madden 2024 Music Roster

ARDN and Steven

The collaboration between the two talents began when Shaeffer created the beat from his home studio in San Diego and shared it with ARDN. At the time, ARDN was in the midst of working on a musical project called "The Bronze Age," characterized by its ambition for grand and cinematic sounds. Shaeffer's beat was a perfect match for ARDN's vision, and thus "Man Down" was created. The Madden team thought it was a great track to get football gamers hyped, and so do we.

This accomplishment comes as a full circle moment for Shaeffer, who’s been an avid player of the Xbox game since he was a kid.

Watch the Madden 2024 trailer here: