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Kiri Gerbs and AUTUMN! team up to create “Midnight Club”

Kiri Gerbs

Kiri Gerbs, an exceptionally talented musician hailing from Australia, is a multi-instrumentalist; proficient in guitar, violin, trombone, and keyboard. In addition to his remarkable musical skills, he has achieved great success as a producer, proudly signed under the SPLITMIND label since June 2021.


AUTUMN! is an American rapper and producer who started making beats from a young age. AUTUMN!’s work can be described as underground, with forward-thinking beat selection, unique vocal inflections and clever lyricism.

Kiri and AUTUMN!

Kiri and AUTUMN! recently teamed up to produce a slew of hits for AUTUMN!'s album, "Midnight Club." AUTUMN! discovered Kiri's guitar jams on social media and the two musicians began chatting about music and sharing sounds back and forth. Soon enough, "Midnight Club" was created. The songs “TWO CHROME NECKLACES!”, ”COCAINE DIAMONDS!”, “SHE SAY HE SAY!”, “4GSELLER!”, and “SURVIVE THE FALL” on the album have just surpassed two million plus plays.