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Frequently Asked Questions

See commonly asked questions related to licensing information with sounds from Drumify.

Are all sounds on Drumify royalty-free?

How can I obtain a certified license for my samples?

Do all sounds on Drumify have a non-exclusive license?

Can I use sounds from Drumify for commercial purposes?

Can I use Drumify sounds in various other areas, such as videos, films, or games?

Can I sell a beat, instrumental, or composition I made using Drumify sounds as royalty-free music?

Do I lose this license if I cancel my Drumify account?

Is the music I created using Drumify in the public domain, like Creative Commons / CC0?

Do I own my composition fully if I use sounds from Drumify?

Can I register my creative work for copyright?

Do I need to credit Drumify or the sample creator when registering with a PRO (publishing rights organization) like ASCAP or BMI?

Are individual loops or one-shot samples purchased from Drumify ineligible for monetization on other content platforms?

If another producer uses the same sample(s) as me in their work, is my work infringing on theirs?

Do I need to credit the creator of the sample?

What do you mean by not being able to use the "likeness" of an artist in my work?

If I use an unedited, isolated audio loop at the start of my composition, is that covered by the license?